Thursday, 10 June 2021


My name is Susan and I live in Preston and this is the place to see my yummy cakes! I have had an interest in baking since I was a child as you can see from the photo:
But more recently I have finally made the move into cake making and decorating. I get satisfaction from seeing the final product. You will be able to read about my progression on this blog as well as view the most recent pictures of my cakes. One day I hope to go full time professional but right now I am starting out making cakes for friends and family. If you are interested in me making a cake for you, please feel free to get in touch. My email address is: or on Facebook at

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Winter naked cake

The trend of naked cakes continues......and I'm very glad as I love them! This one has a winter theme for a beautiful winter wedding.

The wedding took place at the stunning Bartle Hall in Preston. The Christmas tree was up, helping to set the scene.
The bride opted for a semi-naked look for the cake - meaning that buttercream was lightly 'smudged' around the side of the cake. This added a 'frosty' look but you could still see the cake and it's layers underneath.

 Among the flowers on the cake were thistles, red roses, gypsophila, red carnations and deep red roses. These tied in nicely with the floral decorations in the room.
There was the 'usual' mix of berries - bringing the deep colours to the cake. Due to the winter theme I also added in redcurrants which gave it a nice touch.

I lightly dusted the berries and flowers with icing sugar - for a light snow effect and the cake was placed on a 17" wooden board/log. I was pleased with this cake, which suited the venue and theme well.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Care bear Pinata cake

Jessica was being given her birthday cake from her Godmother who said she would like it in the style of a Care bear - in particular 'Cheer bear'.

They also opted for a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. As Cheer bear has a rainbow on it's stomach it got me thinking about coloured chocolate. We therefore decided to include the surprise of making it a pinata where a small section of the middle is cut out and replaced with goodies, in this case smarties. In order to do this, the bottom 3 of the 4 layers to this cake had a circle removed from their centre. I then stacked them as normal but filled the 'hole' with rather a lot of smarties! I then placed the intact top layer to complete the shape.

The rainbow, clouds and Care bear were all made from Renshaw flower and modelling paste - icing that sets quicker than fondant.
There is a great tutorial on YouTube to help you make the topper:
I don't normally follow other peoples vidoes, however when there is such an amazing tutorial out there that gives great results then it seems silly not to use it. Thank you 'Zoes Fancy Cakes'

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Black cat cake

A good friend asked me to make a cake for his niece who was going to be turning 3. She absolutely loves her cat - Jeremy and he knew she would love a cake that looked like him.

In terms of features, Jeremy is black with black ears, black nose and black whiskers! This proved difficult when trying to make the cake - it helps to have colour to make features stand out. Fortunately he has golden eyes and a slight brown to the inner parts of his ears.

Jeremy also has a black collar so I used a black ribbon around the base. Luckily his tag is gold which provided some colour to stand out against the icing/ribbon. I feel that the purple message stood out well against the black icing.

According to my friend and his sister, Fearne absolutely loved this cake! Very simple, but clearly just what Fearne wanted.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Flugelhorn 30th Birthday Cake

I was challenged to make a cake in the style of a flugelhorn for a friend who was turning 30. I could have opted to make a square/round cake and put a flugelhorn made of icing on the top.....but no, I decided that would be too easy! Instead, I opted to make a musical instrument case with the flugelhorn inside!

The main body of the case was made up of chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream. I carved into the top of the cake in order to create a 'groove' for the flugelhorn to sit into. This was then iced in white.
I used brown modelling paste to create the panels for the side of the case. This 'sets' harder than normal sugar paste would which helped to create a straighter edge. The lid of the case was made from a polystyrene rectangle which I iced in the same brown as the base.

The musical instrument was made from white modelling paste. I shaped it accordingly and then 'painted' it Gold. I did discover afterwards that gold modelling paste does exist - if only I had discovered that before I spend hours painting it! I then painted some more white modelling paste silver (also exists - d'oh!) after it had been attached as buttons and the mouthpiece.
The finishing touches were also made from modelling paste. I cut them to the appropriate shape and stuck them on using edible glue; the handle, locks, letters and corner coverings.

This cake proved very popular with many people asking if it was actually real! I am very pleased with the outcome of this cake.....and I have learnt about the existence of gold and silver modelling paste for future!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Golden Wedding Anniversary

For a Golden Wedding Anniversary I was asked to make a cake with the obvious Golden theme! I felt that ivory/cream was a better colour for the icing when against the Gold. It gives a 'warmer' feel.

The 'explosion' effect with the icing was made by creating a circle of icing, cutting it into 'pizza' style slices and then attaching them to the cake in a folded fashion. There are alternative ways to make this effect - by cutting the icing already on the cake. I opted for this method as it was the first time of creating this design.

A display of feathers, golden stars and a glittery '50' were placed in the centre of the folded circle. The design was finished with golden stars, writing and a deep golden ribbon.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Elsie's Christening Cake

I had a break with my cake making at the end of the year as I had my hands full with my little girl Elsie, who arrived safely in October. I finally got to make a cake when we had her christened this January.

I decided to revisit a cake topper that I had made for my first ever christening cake - the rocking horse. I loved this horse the first time I made it, so I chose to use it as a feature on Elsie's cake. 

I really like the pastel colours that are in at the moment as well as the bunting. It's such a lovely theme that  I couldn't help but add it to my daughter's cake.

The bottom tier had vertical stripes made from the same pastel purple that was used on the top tier. I used a lovely plaque cutter (Orchard P2) for her name to go on.

A rarity for my cakes - a picture of me (and Steve) cutting it!