Monday, 18 July 2011

Peppa Pig

This is a cake I made for a friends daughter. I used a 12 inch square tin to make the cake, which I then placed my template on top. (I drew the template myself using images off Google). It was a vanilla sponge with a jam layer, covered in buttercream and regal icing. I used royal icing to pipe the design and edible pens to write happy birthday and the name. Having never made a cake like this before I did find it difficult however I am very pleased with the outcome.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Castle cake

This castle took 4 hours to complete (plus the time to make the cake). The turrets were made from swiss rolls and ice cream cones. Everything on this cake is edible and adding the vines and the flowers just gives it that bit more colour and interest. Changing the colours is a good way of personalising it; favourite colours can be used, and it certainly doesn't have to be girlie by using pinks and lilacs! It was fun to make and satisfying to look at the final product!