Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Black and white cake

I made this cake for a lady at work as it was her mother-in-laws birthday. I tailored a design shown in the 'party cakes' magazine (issue 9, page 19) by The Exquisite  Cake Company to cover 1 tier instead of 2. I really enjoyed making this cake including the intricacy of the roses to go on the top and really love the simplicity and boldness of the black stripes against the white icing. I would gladly make this cake again, and would love the chance to make it tiered.

Reproduction and skill consistency

I made another 'gerbera cake', this time for my fiancĂ©es mum for her birthday. She had not seen the other cake I had made, so it gave me a good chance to practice my skills by recreating the gerberas and stripes around the side of the cake. Other colours can be used however it was decided that she would prefer orange and pink. Initially she wasn't very keen on cutting into it, but when she did it went down very well!

Gluten free

I was asked to make a gluten free cake for someone at work, which I was more than happy to do as I wanted to try out a recipe. This cake wasn't about the design/how it looked; it was about how it tasted. But me being me, I couldn't give someone a cake without decorating it! So I decided to put on some roses that I had recently made and write on 'I'm gluten free!' in icing. The icing balls around the bottom help to give the cake some colour. Thankfully she enjoyed the cake and so I will definitely be using the same recipe in future gluten free cakes.