Monday, 26 September 2011

Hen-do cake

I was asked to make a cake for a Hen-do. The 'hen' enjoyed running and so the cake was to be themed around this. If I had made the fondant woman in a running position it would not have remained upright, which is why she is standing with her hands on her hips. I was asked to put rabbits and a sheep on the cake. The trees, rabbits, flowers and sheep are also made out of fondant (regal icing). The cake was a vanilla sponge with 2 layers of jam. No buttercream was used with this cake - apricot jam was used instead to hold the icing in place. I enjoyed making this cake, and adding all the little 'extras' really helped to create the scene. This was only the second fondant person I have made.

Monday, 5 September 2011

My brothers birthday cake

I made a cake for my brothers 23rd birthday. After making his graduation cake I discovered that he is a fan of lemon cake, more so than chocolate cake. He also said that he likes cadburys chocolate fingers so I decided to google cake designs with chocolate fingers and they all seemed to involve maltesers. I liked the idea so I created my own chocolate finger/malteser cake. Instead of having the maltesers 'fan' out the middle of the cake I preferred them to appear as if they were 'floating' off the top of the cake. The sponge was layered with lemon curd and coated in a lemon buttercream. The fondant icing was coloured yellow (because of the lemon flavour) and I added a matching ribbon. Thankfully my brother liked this cake, calling me his 'awesome sister' on Google+ !

Car/caravan cake

A work colleague asked me to make a 70th birthday cake for her Husband. It is a 10 inch hexagonal fruit cake, covered in marzipan and icing. The car and caravan are both made using kellogs rice krispy squares, covered in royal and then regal icing. I used several pictures of their caravan (Bailey Senator Series 6 Wyoming) to help me to get the level of detail. I used a picture of her husband to help me get the clothes right (jacket, tie and hat). It certainly wasn't easy to make this cake - it took a lot of hours! But I enjoyed being able to put the little details on to personalise the cake - like making it their caravan and not just any caravan. Adding the little brown birds also added a personal touch as Edward enjoys carving birds from wood.

Cupcakes: Rock/metal

I was asked to create some cupcakes with a 'rock' theme for a rock/metal band. There were to be 50 cupcakes, half white and half purple. The cases were to be black and ideally something black sprinkled on top. I used black petal paste and star plungers to make the stars for the top. The sponge and buttercream were both vanilla. The purple colour appeared mottled and the lady who ordered them was very happy with this. As I have not had much experience with cupcakes I was very happy with how they turned out. I would be happy to make cupcakes in future - as long as I had enough warning!