Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Poinsettia Christmas Cake

This year I decided that I wanted to learn how to make my own Poinsettia out of icing. Luckily I managed to find a good tutorial in a cake decoration magazine. I ended up making 2; 1 for this cake and 1 to sell for a friend to put on her cake. I was really pleased with how they turned out and would certainly make another. I think a smaller version would look good on an individual sized cake. I decided to pipe around the edge with the same pattern I used for the wedding cake I made in August - I was familiar with this style and felt that it finished the cake of nicely.

Christmas Snowflakes

For this Christmas cake I chose to ice the cake in White and cut out several different sized snowflakes in White. I then used a snowflake lustre dust (edible) to give them their sparkly shine. The snowflakes were then layered on the cake with them tapering off in one corner. This didn't take too long to make (which is handy when you have several cakes to decorate) and I feel that it was still an effective design.

My Chemical Romance

I made a 21st Birthday cake for someone who was a big My Chemical Romance fan. The only request from her mum was that it somehow had to relate to the group; It didn't even have to have her daughter's name, age or 'Happy Birthday' on it.

I decided to paint their logo on the front using edible paste and also to put her daughters name on the top using the style of writing found on their albums.

I had been informed that she liked their album 'The Black Parade' so decided to create some of their marching skeletons to place around the side of the cake. These were difficult to attach to the cake as they were heavy and also fragile where the icing acted as a strap for the hat.
Overall I was happy with the finished cake. I enjoyed being able to research a subject area in order to design the cake appropriately. The lady who ordered the cake rang me up especially to let me know how much her daughter liked it.