Wednesday, 24 April 2013

70th Wedding Anniversary

I was asked to make a cake for a couple who were celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary. When they got married in 1943 rationing was in place and they therefore had no wedding cake. This was to be their cake - 70 years late!

After looking at many designs, mainly based on 40's themes in which flowers, ribbons and piped icing were popular and cakes were simple in design, the daughter and granddaughter decided to go with a ruffle cake. These cakes are increasingly growing in popularity due to their vintage appearance and was a perfect choice for a 40's cake in 2013.

Carnations were used in the bouquet and the bride wore blue - which is the reason that blue sugarcraft carnations decorate this cake.

After marzipanning the cake, I placed a layer of ivory icing over the top of the cake and about 1 inch down the side. I then created the ruffles by rolling out long thin 'sausages' with the icing, rolling it flat and then using the end of a thin paint brush to 'ruffle' the edge. I placed these individual ruffles on the cake in rows - from the top down.

This is a time consuming technique but certainly worth the effort. I am already trying to think of an excuse to make another!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

30th Birthday Cake

I insisted on making my own Birthday cake this year. I had a design planned (Rennie Mackintosh) however after an impromptu visit to the Cake and Bake show in Manchester only 3 days before I had to make the cake, I had a quick change of plan! I treated myself to a Sugarveil mat - it makes edible lace icing. I was desperate to try it out and so decided to make one of the designs that had been on the stand in Manchester.

The circles around the side of the cake were covered in a variety of things including edible glitter, edible gold powder and edible lustre dusts. They were then stuck on using edible glue. I made my lace and then sprayed it with edible gold. When it was dry I used a small amount of water and attached it to the icing. This was then used to create the bow - I found it difficult to create the shape of the bow as the icing was wet and sticky from the water, but also starting to dry and crack when folded. It was definitely a learning experience!

Overall I enjoyed making this cake and it went down well with my family. I can't say I enjoyed blowing out my candles - but at least they were kind enough to only put 4 on the cake!

I'm looking forward to my next practice using sugarveil and would love one day to be making beautiful vintage design wedding cakes.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Daffodil Cake

 For over a year now I have had a plan to make a cake with Daffodils. This style of cake isn't exactly appropriate in the middle of winter - so I've been waiting until spring to make it. (As Spring hasn't yet arrived I decided Easter was the next best thing!)

I baked a giant cupcake and covered it in buttercream and green regal icing. I then used three shades of green sugarflair paste to colour sugar paste and created thin strips for the 'stems'. The daffodils were made from more sugar paste and I used daffodil cutters to create the shape before frilling the edges with a ball tool and then using edible glue to stick them together
The daffodils were stuck on the cake using green royal icing, which was also used to create the 'grass' effect on the board. For extra detail I made little daisies and a ladybird.

I was very happy with this cake - and was very glad that I finally got to make it.