Friday, 9 August 2013

100th Birthday cake

A friend of my Husband rang requesting a cake for her Mother's 100th Birthday. I was informed that she occasionally used fine china and that they would like this to be a theme on the cake - in the style of a cup of tea and piece of cake. Her favourite colour is blue and so this was to be the colour theme.

I iced an 8" square cake in white and used a royal blue ribbon around the middle. I also used round silver dragees around the bottom of the cake. The letters were made from petal paste.

The tea cup was made from a solid piece of 50:50 royal icing:petal paste which I made as smooth as possible on the outside and made a 'dint' in the middle so that I could add the tea (which was made using brown petal paste). The saucers were also made from petal paste - after cutting them out in a circle I placed them on the top of a smaller circle cutter so that they 'sank' in the middle, giving the plate shape.

I mixed edible gold powder with a small amount of clear alcohol to make a paint which I then used to create the gold edging. I then mixed blue colour with clear alcohol to make the blue paint. I then painted the pattern on the china in free-hand.

The small cake was made from petal paste and I used blue decoration on the top in keeping with the colour theme.

Christening Cake - presents and bears

I was asked to make a Christening Cake for a couple of work colleagues and friends. The cakes were 10" and 8" squares, decorated in white and blue icing in the style of presents. I used petal paste to make the dots and the ribbon.

The two teddy bears were also made from petal paste and were fun to make. My favourite bit was the finished white teddy that was being cuddled - it really 'came to life' when I put the little eyes and nose on it!

I made the blocks out of regal icing but then used petal paste to make the blue squares and the letters. Believe it or not - it is very difficult to make a perfect block out of icing!