Sunday, 21 June 2015

Flugelhorn 30th Birthday Cake

I was challenged to make a cake in the style of a flugelhorn for a friend who was turning 30. I could have opted to make a square/round cake and put a flugelhorn made of icing on the top.....but no, I decided that would be too easy! Instead, I opted to make a musical instrument case with the flugelhorn inside!

The main body of the case was made up of chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream. I carved into the top of the cake in order to create a 'groove' for the flugelhorn to sit into. This was then iced in white.
I used brown modelling paste to create the panels for the side of the case. This 'sets' harder than normal sugar paste would which helped to create a straighter edge. The lid of the case was made from a polystyrene rectangle which I iced in the same brown as the base.

The musical instrument was made from white modelling paste. I shaped it accordingly and then 'painted' it Gold. I did discover afterwards that gold modelling paste does exist - if only I had discovered that before I spend hours painting it! I then painted some more white modelling paste silver (also exists - d'oh!) after it had been attached as buttons and the mouthpiece.
The finishing touches were also made from modelling paste. I cut them to the appropriate shape and stuck them on using edible glue; the handle, locks, letters and corner coverings.

This cake proved very popular with many people asking if it was actually real! I am very pleased with the outcome of this cake.....and I have learnt about the existence of gold and silver modelling paste for future!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Golden Wedding Anniversary

For a Golden Wedding Anniversary I was asked to make a cake with the obvious Golden theme! I felt that ivory/cream was a better colour for the icing when against the Gold. It gives a 'warmer' feel.

The 'explosion' effect with the icing was made by creating a circle of icing, cutting it into 'pizza' style slices and then attaching them to the cake in a folded fashion. There are alternative ways to make this effect - by cutting the icing already on the cake. I opted for this method as it was the first time of creating this design.

A display of feathers, golden stars and a glittery '50' were placed in the centre of the folded circle. The design was finished with golden stars, writing and a deep golden ribbon.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Elsie's Christening Cake

I had a break with my cake making at the end of the year as I had my hands full with my little girl Elsie, who arrived safely in October. I finally got to make a cake when we had her christened this January.

I decided to revisit a cake topper that I had made for my first ever christening cake - the rocking horse. I loved this horse the first time I made it, so I chose to use it as a feature on Elsie's cake. 

I really like the pastel colours that are in at the moment as well as the bunting. It's such a lovely theme that  I couldn't help but add it to my daughter's cake.

The bottom tier had vertical stripes made from the same pastel purple that was used on the top tier. I used a lovely plaque cutter (Orchard P2) for her name to go on.

A rarity for my cakes - a picture of me (and Steve) cutting it!