Monday, 19 December 2016

Care bear Pinata cake

Jessica was being given her birthday cake from her Godmother who said she would like it in the style of a Care bear - in particular 'Cheer bear'.

They also opted for a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. As Cheer bear has a rainbow on it's stomach it got me thinking about coloured chocolate. We therefore decided to include the surprise of making it a pinata where a small section of the middle is cut out and replaced with goodies, in this case smarties. In order to do this, the bottom 3 of the 4 layers to this cake had a circle removed from their centre. I then stacked them as normal but filled the 'hole' with rather a lot of smarties! I then placed the intact top layer to complete the shape.

The rainbow, clouds and Care bear were all made from Renshaw flower and modelling paste - icing that sets quicker than fondant.
There is a great tutorial on YouTube to help you make the topper:
I don't normally follow other peoples vidoes, however when there is such an amazing tutorial out there that gives great results then it seems silly not to use it. Thank you 'Zoes Fancy Cakes'

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